The importance of sexual satisfaction

Every relationship can experience a time when sexual encounters are reduced, even drastically. At that point, both partners may begin to harbor reasons for this infrequency: Do you no longer want me? Do you always have to find a time to show affection to other people but not to me? Are we really having such a big crisis? Certainly, escorts barcelona can be a solution.

In other words, couples tend to focus too much on frequency, and turn it into a weapon thrown into their own conflicts, without realising that communicating this dissatisfaction could be the right solution to their ‘bedroom’ problem.

Feel better with yourself and your body

Paradoxically, the worse we are with the couple and the more we need to connect with them and know what they think about affective and intimate issues, the less we talk about sex and the more we tend to be silent and misunderstood, aggravating the basic problem and placing each of the parties in perfect alignment with their own position, without listening to the other. This is when confusion and resentment set in in in the relationship, misinterpreting the intentions of the other and punishing any sexual or intimate approach, including any kind of additional communication. Thus, in the couple there is no understanding.

However, this situation is not irreparable. Setting a couple in motion involves a whole series of very important steps, which will lead to a readjustment of expectations and a recovery of aspects (caresses, displays of affection…) that they thought were forgotten. The first thing in this case is to make the other aware that there is a problem: when there is a long time without communication, silence seems the best solution to avoid conflicts and major tensions, but in the long run it causes both to act as real strangers to each other.

Secondly, communicating the reasons for this lack of sexual intercourse can greatly ease the tension because, apart from clarifying (and dismantling) many fears, it is considered a very important effort to solve the problem from the perspective of the “we”; it involves a rapprochement of positions and an attempt to make the other understand you.

Thirdly, and no less relevant, it is to negotiate a series of decisions that guarantee the reactivation of passion and intimacy, with clear actions to approach the other. Among them would be:

  • Trunk of memories: reactivating the passion does not involve new and ultra-exciting practices that decisively guarantee sexual relations. In fact, the couple already have a previous background of practices, gestures and games that already worked in their past. We must make an effort to remember and return to situations that previously gave us enormous satisfaction.

  • The path begins with the first step: In fact, things as simple as hugs (to re-establish intimacy) and kisses (to re-establish passion) allow for a change of attitude and a hormonal release that favors the ground for an affective-sexual relationship. You know, when in doubt, kiss.

  • Use the agenda: If the habit of not having sex has been established in the couple, they will not have sex. The couple have already found a whole series of activities that make up for it. Therefore, it is necessary to plan a few hours a week chosen for it, where we can also choose other aspects (lingerie, taking care of the smells and temperature of the room, preparing a romantic dinner beforehand) that eroticize the atmosphere and make us more predisposed to the other.

  • It makes situations more objectionable: Doing a little sexual research and foreseeing what the other person might like (and us) can create new, creative and fun situations that make routine a thing of the past. It also involves changing the ways in which the relationship between the two is initiated; establishing games and spicy, seductive situations that are attractive to both of them (role-playing, acting “as if” they were being seduced for the first time in a disco…).

  • Affection and reaffirmation as the best medicine: in the face of any positive change that may result in an effort to improve the couple, it must be reinforced. Not only to say that what he has done we like, but to make daily and constant expressions of affection that we are happy to see him and at any moment is propitious to extract a kiss from him.

  • Reduce stress and excessive responsibility: Anxiety and sex do not go together very well in the same equation; doing a whole series of daily actions that seek to reduce the “rush” and daily stress allows the emergence of situations of rest and greater pleasure for the other.