What is ASO (App Store Optimization)?

It is not only a question of creating applications, the sense of it includes making them visible so that they have greater opportunities to be downloaded and it is at this exact point where it is necessary to talk about App Store Optimization, also known as ASO , which in popular language is recognized as the SEO for mobile applications.

This method has taken on great importance because, supported by particular characteristics, it allows applications to overcome the great obstacle that can be found in the apps stores set up for it. Here it is worth considering that before more and more extensive lists and with categories of all kinds, it is very easy that the project ends with little or no chance of being seen and much less downloaded.

What does ASO consist of?

Words plus words minus, App Store Optimization ASO, corresponds to a process dedicated to optimizing applications to increase their visibility . For this reason, what is done is to take advantage of the different techniques it contains so that a particular application stands out and can offer some competition for its peers.

Thus, both in the App Store and Google Play, the ASO assumes the objective of attracting a greater amount of traffic in favor of an app, relying for example on a study that helps to establish the use of keywords, if the title is correct or not because it must be easily remembered, also gives great importance to the use of a good icon and that the videos and images proposed support the application make it as attractive as possible.

Therefore, the ASO is an excellent resource that is in favor of the growth of applications in a highly competitive market; although it must be clarified that it will never be the same as SEO, without the ASO it would be almost impossible to contemplate the idea of ranking the applications.

The best advantages of ASO

Without this method, the business of applications could not be profitable as it is what makes it possible for them to be found and downloaded . Bearing in mind that users usually make use of the search engine in the have applications, the ASO does its “magic” so that developers, producers and all actors involved in the consolidation and implementation of an app can have the return on their investment.

For all this to work and piracy to be unable to exercise its power, the use of App Store Optimization results in a series of details that make it easier not to neglect absolutely anything and thus come to propose a product with the best conditions to stand out, which is what, after all, is most desired.